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Welcome to the Solar Symphony game page! We are a space based, orbital, music generator! It is an alpha build and could possibly have more functions added in the future!

This is our submission for the Indie Galactic Space Jam 2019! #indiegalactic19

This game is intended to support Dome display for planetarium content.


Meet the Team!

Shawn De La Cruz - Programmer / Meme Lord

Jonathan Go - Concept Design / Programming

Heather Miller - Creative Director / Artist

Anthony Mineo - Lead Programmer

Joshua Nieves - UI Designer / Moral Support Companion

Jordan Shih - Sound / Git Assistant

Benjamin Zeng - Game Designer / Programming

Keyboard Shortcuts

Arrow Keys: Move through the Solar System

T: Timescale + , Y: Timescale -, P: Light up all planets

Z,X,C,V,B,N,M, (Comma): C,D,E,F,G,A,B, KickDrum


SolarSymphony.zip 72 MB
SolarSymphony2.zip 72 MB

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